World Class Automation Systems for Today's Competitive Markets

There are many reasons why Province Automation is a leader in high quality, custom assembly and material handling systems. We can provide complete automation capabilities in-house, including:

  • Mechanical Design - Detail Drawings and Assembly Layouts
    in Solidworks
  • Electrical Panel Build/Wiring - AutoCad design
  • Fabrication & Machining
  • Assembly and Installation
  • Programming and Debug

For higher level projects, Province Automation also has strong experience in:

  • Machine Controls
  • Vision Systems
  • Process Monitoring and Qualification
  • On-board System Diagnostics

Custom bagging systems designed and built by Province Automation are our specialty. We have a 15+ year history with these robust systems which are still in production, running 24-7.

Province Automation can help you find the competitve edge in your manufacturing by working with you to design and build automated systems that deliver higher quality, faster throughput and lower operating costs.

Craftsmen for Today's Custom Machinery

Province Automation specializes in "long-life" automation systems which we ship world-wide, including small and large Bagging Systems and Plastic Degating Systems.

Our services include Prototype Machining, R&D, Safety Guarding, and Replacement/Spare Parts orders.

Call us for a free quote and improve your bottom line.