Small Automated Bagging Systems

Robust Systems for a Wide Variety of Packaging Applications

Small Automated Baggers by Province Automation

Province Automation Small Bagging Systems are designed for stock sizes of 5 – 12″ and built to package products in aesthetically pleasing 3 – 3.5 mil. bags making it the ideal choice for products entering the consumer retail environment. The use of heavy 3 – 3.5 mil. bag stock material also makes the bagging system capable of handling heavier products without the concern of tearing bags or failing bag seals.

Systems can be built with options including round or butterfly hole punch modules (for hanging product on store shelves), printer modules (for the use of date code, batch codes, and even bar codes), labeling modules (for adding retail packaging artwork), and bag squeeze modules for removing air from filled bags.

Our Small Bagging Systems can be fed by centrifugal bowls, vibratory bowls or rails, conveyor systems or pick & place gantry and can be equipped with a counting and/or escapement system. Province Automation will work with you to determine the most suitable feed system based on your product needs as well as design end of arm tooling, including grippers and vacuum pick heads suited for your specific product.

Our bagging systems are used independently or in conjunction with a fully automated cell. Typical applications include: automotive, appliance, and plumbing & heating parts, electrical supplies, tubing and wire-tie packaging, hobby and craft products, instruction manual and catalog packaging, pharmaceutical fulfillment and more.

Province bagging systems install quickly and require minimal operator training and maintenance. Bag changeover is fast and easy and, as an added safety measure, systems are built with dual optical palm buttons to ensure operators don’t have their hands in the seal area during the sealing cycle.

small automated bagging system - full view in clean room

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